Pritchard and Sunnyside Water Systems to Interconnect

The Pritchard Water System and Sunnyside Water System will be interconnected later this month in an effort to meet water quality requirements for customers.

This is part of the City of West Kelowna’s Water Utility Master Plan, which will merge the Pritchard, Sunnyside, Lakeview, and West Kelowna Estates Water Systems once the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant is built.

Additionally, the Pritchard Water System is currently under a Boil Water Notice, while the Sunnyside Water System is under a Water Quality Advisory. Interconnecting these two systems will likely downgrade the Pritchard Water System’s Boil Water Notice.

“It’s not that complex, because the Systems are very close together, and there are already pipes or valves that simply need to be connected,” says West Kelowna Communications Supervisor Kirsten Jones. “There isn’t going to be a great construction project as a part of this.”

Jones also says some customers may experience minor changes in water pressure after the connection is made, but their water rates won't be affected.

Work on the interconnection begins on July 23rd, and is expected to last four days.