Private Plane Crashes into Okanagan Lake

Small private plane crashes in okanagan lake

Two Alberta residents ended up 300 feet from shore when their plane took a nose dive into the Okanagan Lake Monday afternoon.

The pilot, a 72-year-old man, was trying to land a small private plane when his wheels caught the water, flipping the aircraft onto its back.

According to RCMP Constable Mike Gillis, the pilot admitted forgot to complete his landing checklist.

“This is an amphibious type of aircraft so it’s capable of water and land landings. On final approach you would normally go through a checklist verifying that your landing gear is in condition appropriate to the type of surface you’re landing on,” said Const. Gillis.

Upon arrival of crews, both occupants had escaped the aircraft and were picked up by a nearby boater.

Both men sustained undetermined but minor injuries and were taken to hospital for medical treatment.