Property crime in Lake Country

2019-39151 (1)

RCMP are trying to solve a found property case, after a local citizen made the early morning discovery of numerous children’s items dropped overnight on the edge of her Lake Country area property.

Tuesday, just before 7:30 a.m, Lake Country RCMP received a report after multiple items were found abandoned at the base of a private driveway in the 17000-block of Wall Road. Police responded to the Wall Road area, where they located and seized a large pile of discarded personal belongings.

A child’s car seat, a child’s booster seat, and a child’s pedal-less balance bike were among the items seized by police. Along with several clothing items, personal accessories, a set of vehicle floor mats and even books. A CD containing what appears to be dozens of professional photographs taken of a family was also found, alongside a printed photograph of some children.

“Despite their efforts so far to connect the likely stolen property to another related police investigation, police have been unable to track down the rightful owner of the recovered property,” states Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey. “Our investigators suspect that the items may have been discarded from a stolen vehicle, and we are certain there is an Okanagan family out there who may wish to have some of these items back.”

In an effort to identify the property owner, RCMP are releasing an image of the green Toba pedal-less bike, and one of the photographs stored on the CD.

Anyone with any additional information is asked to contact the Lake Country RCMP at 250-766-2288.