Province funds 7 UBCO research projects

The University of British Columbia has received funding from the province to conduct research in life sciences, agritech, sustainability and electronics.

$3.4 million dollars from the BC Knowledge Development Fund is going towards 22 research projects, 7 of which are being done at the Okanagan campus.

Assistant Professor Joshua Brinkerhoff is undertaking one of the funded projects. He will be examining natural gas processing and outcomes, leading to more sustainable, healthy crops.

“I use large scale computers to perform simulations of flow in natural gas processing equipment, natural gas field vehicles and also natural gas in the atmosphere, if there’s a spill or an accidental release,” Brinkerhoff said “The funding that we received is going to be used to pay for a portion of a large computer system that will be used for performing those simulations”

Another funded UBCO research project is a wildfire science laboratory which will focus on improving decision support in wildfire management and facilitate more rapid response to fires.

President of the University of British Columbia, Santa Ono, was in Kelowna for the funding announcement. He said the money will further the work being done at the Okanagan school.

“I can say as the President of UBC that the Okanagan campus is going to be increasingly a more important part of what we do,” he said “It’s very exciting what happened here just in 11 years, it’s amazing and I think the next decade will be even better”.