PSA: Dredging planned for Cook Road boat launch

A contractor has begun preparations at the Cook Road boat launch to remove a build-up of sand affecting boaters’ ability to use the full boat launch. But first, City crews needed to remove a large amount of wood debris that drifted into the launch from the spring runoff in Mission Creek.

Fencing has gone up at the boat launch, which has since reopened following the clean up of the wood debris. A contractor will now begin the dredging work to remove the build-up of sand near the boat launch.

The facility has been affected in recent years by sand moving northward from the mouth of Mission Creek and into the boat launch area. This has limited the ability for people to safely launch their boats on the south side of the boat launch.

“This is one of our primary boat launches and it is important to do this job properly to protect the environment, the infrastructure and ultimately give boaters better access to Okanagan Lake in this location,” said Martin Johansen, Building Services Manager.

An application to the Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations to remove sand from the area was approved this week and work on the project will begin as soon as the contractor can get set up.

The dredging work is expected to take three to four weeks. Every effort will be made to keep the north lane of the boat launch open once the wood debris is removed, but access will depend on how the work progresses.

The City’s other boat launches are open at Cedar Creek Park, Water Street, Sutherland Bay Park.

Boaters are reminded to use caution on the lake at this time of year due to rapidly flowing creeks carrying logs and other wood debris into lakes.