Public survey highlights unreported crimes in Kelowna

The City of Kelowna is unpacking the results of the 2019 Public Safety and Crime Survey.

Prepared by NRG Research Group, the survey canvassed 300 residents across various demographics.

The initial results show the vast majority of locals feel safe at home and in their neighbourhoods. When asked why, 52% of respondents pointed to low crime rates.

Despite the public perception of infrequent crime, nearly one third of respondents reported falling victim to criminal activity in the last 12 months. To the dismay of Councillor Maxine DeHart, only half of those crimes were reported to police.

"The primary reason for not reporting the crime to police was the feeling that police could not do anything about it, followed by mentions that the crime was too small."

"I think that was the most disturbing thing I saw in the whole report" said DeHart.

In terms of neighbourhood crime, locals were most concerned about having items stolen from their vehicles. The top safety concern was "individuals living without homes & people who use drugs in the area".

The results of the report can be read in full on the City of Kelowna website.