Rail Trail Deal Reached

It was just a bump in the road for the Okanagan Rail Trail.

The Eldorado Ranch and the City of Kelowna have struck a deal that would allow the trail to pass through ranch lands.

Currently, the three kilometre section of what used to be the railroad is blocked off.

Eldorado had worried that the extra foot traffic would lead to trespassing and vandalism.

The concerns prevented the city from reaching a deal with the farm last year.

"I think that's a concern for every farm near a really accessible piece of property" said Andrew Gibbs with the City of Kelowna.

To help ease those concerns, the City has agreed to take steps to mitigate the risk of trespassing.

Farm fencing will be installed along the trail with signage asking the public to be mindful of farm property.

Now that the two sides have reached an agreement to facilitate the trail, the City will seek final approval from the Agricultural Land Commission.