Raises recommended for RDCO Board

On Thursday, June 14th staff of the Regional District of Central Okanagan will recommend pay raises for Members of the Board.

Right now, a federal tax benefit keeps 30 percent of the Board's wages tax-free.  When 2019 hits, that tax benefit goes away, essentially creating a pay cut.  Government bodies across Canada have been giving similar raises, including Kelowna City Council.  “The recommendation is similar, that they increase their salary to offset the loss.  That will be coming back to the Board before October, so they’re just being asked(on Thursday) to give approval, in principle, basically to the idea,” explained Bruce Smith, Communications Officer with the.

If approved the pay increase of 14.25% would kick in January 1st.

After also adding 2% increases to cover the expected annual rise in the Consumer Price Index(CPI), the proposed raises for Board Members are:

Chair $41,725.51 increased by $5,945.88 to total $47,671.39 in 2019

Municipal Director $16,228.38 increased by $2,312.54 to total $18,540.93 in 2019

Electoral Area Director $20,285.41 increased by $2,890.67 to total $23,176.08 in 2019