RCMP close to unionizing

RCMP officers across Canada are close to forming a union - the only police force in the country that's non-unionized. 

On its website, the National Police Federation says it has enough support nationwide to become the bargaining unit for the RCMP and plans to file for immediate certification. 

The Federation says there's been a lot of discontent in the ranks over an inadequate pay raise after an 8-year wage freeze, excessive use of overtime, and concerns over rising attrition rates and a lack of equipment and other resouces. 

To draw attention to these issues - officers across Canada have been covering-up or removing the yellow stripe on their pants - locally, several Kelowna and Vernon officers have also been taking part. 

The Federation says immediately following the Treasury Board’s announcement of the new RCMP pay packages, it gained over a 70% increase in new members.