RCMP take over investigation into 'substance' found in storage locker

West Kelowna RCMP is handling the investigation into an unknown substance found inside a storage locker Thursday afternoon.

The Fire Department was called to National Storage on Westlake Road after 3:00pm, when a manager made the discovery. The building was evacuated after firefighters assessed the item, and they called in a hazmat team and the RCMP, which has now taken over the investigation.

Corporal Jesse O'Donaghey couldn't give details on what exactly was found, but said there is a low risk to the public.

“In the Lower Mainland, RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit (EDU) have also been consulted,” he said “those experts advise that the substance is not consistent with those materials typically used to create any type of explosives.”

Authorities have so far been unable to identify and subsequently contact the renter of the storage locker.

O'Donaghey says they will work with the property owners of the storage facility to help them properly dispose the substance.

The RCMP Federal Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement and Response Team (CLEAR) and experts of RAM Environmental Response have also been consulted.