RDCO staff also laying sandbags

As Central Okanagan lakes continue rising, Regional District parks crews are busy stacking sandbags to proactively protect many waterfront parks.

Among those Regional Parks now armed with sandbags: Kalamoir (Lakefront trail); Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour; Bertram Creek (pumphouse, east beach); Kaloya (pumphouse) and the Gellatly Nut Farm (buildings, waterfront).

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, “Staff identified areas and amenities within these and other regional parks that need to be protected from potential flood damage.  They’ll continue installing protective works in high risk areas.  While these parks remain open, we ask that visitors not touch any sandbags and other flood protection.”

The small boat launch located at Fintry Community Park Access #1 at the end of Fintry Delta Road and the main launch at Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park on Okanagan Centre Road West are still open but may be subject to closure on short notice for safety reasons due to changing lake levels and weather conditions.

Smith adds, “The threat of flooding continues and there could be unexpected increases in water levels along area creeks and streams.  Visitors and leashed pets should stay back from creek banks, which can be slippery and subject to erosion.”

The following Regional Parks remain closed:

While these parks are closed, the Regional District encourages residents to visit many other regional parks that are not affected by flooding and rising waters.  

You can view them at www.regionaldistrict.com/pickapark

Regional Parks staff is monitoring creek levels in all these areas and when safe will be assessing the condition of bridges, trails and other amenities in these parks. 

Parks may be closed on short notice should conditions change.