Re-zoning application previews major condo project

A proposal to re-zone land for a couple towering condo buildings will make its way in front of council sometime in the next few weeks.

The site at the corner of Sunset Drive and Clement would feature both towers built on top of three storey podiums, with a north tower that extending up to 27 storeys, and a south tower that would reach 35 storeys, totalling 378 units.

Down at ground level, the design also features 10 live-work studios, along with retail and restaurant space, and bicycle storage.

An approval to re-zone is needed, as the current zoning only allows for buildings to reach 26 storeys.

That application was submitted by North American Development Group on April 10, and Planner Ryan Roycroft says he expects to see it in council sometime in the next six weeks.

If necessary approvals are given and the project goes forward, the two buildings would become the tallest ones in Kelowna.

Currently, that distinction goes to the 26-storey Waterscapes building, which is further down Sunset Drive.