Record breaking heat in May for Kelowna

We were sweating through May for a reason - it was the hottest on record.

Environment Canada meteorologist Trevor Smith says the average temperature in Kelowna was 18 degrees last month - 5 degrees above normal - which is the warmest since records were kept in 1969. 

He says Vernon and Penticton also posted record heat last month.

"Vernon was 4 degrees above the average temperature for May, and Penticton was 3 degrees above the average. That's really significant for a month to have that kind of departure from normal, so very warm conditions," he says. 

Smith says June will begin with more seasonal weather as a series of troughs move into the Okanagan.

"So, showers up in the mountains - probably not a lot of shower activity in the valley bottoms, but temperatures definitely closer to where they should be for this time of year," says Smith. "In the next 7 days, we're looking at highs somwhere in the low 20's, so much closer to where we should be for the start of June."

As for precipitation - Smith says May was the 10th driest in Kelowna with 22 mm of rain compared to an average of 40 mm.