Regional district says prepare now for flood and fire season

The best time to prepare for flood and fire season is right now, and that's why the Regional District of Central Okanagan has sent out its annual reminder. 

Communcation Supervisor Bruce Smith says getting your emergency kit together eases stress and fear during an evacuation. 

Smith says, "This is the perfect time of year when there is no emergency, with a calm head and cool collective thinking, you and your family can put  together your Grab and Go kit."

It should contain water, food that won't spoil, pet food if you have a pet, the kind of things you would take camping.

Smith adds, "Prescriptions, special documents, photos, hard drives, extra keys for your car, that kind of thing. Cash because you can't always count on cash machines being available. You might want to have some cash in small denominations."

You can find more information on the RDCO's website,