Regional Parks re-open

The recent showers and seasonal temperatures mean the gates to eight Regional Parks will open once again.

Effective 12:00 noon tomorrow (Tuesday, September 12th), visitors are welcome to return to the trails in Trepanier Creek Greenway Regional ParkGlen Canyon Regional ParkKalamoir Regional Park, Rose Valley Regional Park, Stephens Coyote Regional Park, Scenic Canyon Regional Park, and the Mission Creek Greenway (Phase 2).

Communications Officer Bruce Smith says, “We encourage everyone to get back out and enjoy these parks. But please remember the fire hazard is still high and smoking and any motorized vehicles are not allowed at any time in our regional parks.  Please report any strange or unusual behavior to the appropriate authorities and report any fire by calling 9-1-1.”

Visit for links to all our regional parks.

Smith adds, “The extended dry, hot conditions and resulting extreme fire hazard forced the prolonged and unprecedented closure.  No one can remember having so many of our regional parks closed for so long due to the safety concerns posed by the potential fire danger.  Many of these regional parks are close to neighbourhoods, with challenging access and terrain.   With the high risk of any serious interface fire, it was prudent to close the parks in the interest of overall public safety.”

There are still three RDCO parks that will be closed for the rest of this year because of damage from the record high levels of Okanagan Lake and the extreme spring flooding.   Recovery plans are being prepared for Hardy Falls Regional Park, Mill Creek Regional Park and Killiney Beach Community Park.  

As well, while Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park and its main boat launch have been open in a limited capacity since August 4th, extensive repairs will be required in the coming months to fix flood damage along the shoreline and parking area.