Report Ranks Women's Welfare in Kelowna

On International Women's Day, a new report is ranking the best and worst Canadian cities for Women.

The study compiled by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives compares the largest cities in the country across various categories related to the welfare of women.

One of those categories is personal safety and security.

"When we look at personal security stats, we're looking at rates of intimate partner violence and sexual assault" said Senior Economist Iglika Ivanova. "While rates are fairly high across Canada, Kelowna actually ranks as the safest place to be a woman,"

While the streets may be safer for women in Kelowna, the paycheques are often smaller.

According to the report, the gap between earnings for men and women is the second worst in the country.

On average, women in Kelowna make less than 70 cents for every dollar earned by men in the community.

"It is important to measure whether women and men have equal access to opportunities and resources in this country" said Ivanova.

"We think it's important to reduce any kind of gender gaps and barriers that exist."