Results of petition opposing supportive housing project in Rutland


The names have been counted and more than 14 thousand people signed a petition opposing supportive housing on McCurdy Road in Rutland. The signatures were gathered in just 15 days.

Around 13 thousand have been verified as Kelowna area residents. The remainder were from other BC communities or other provinces and two signatures were from out of country.

Organizer Audra Boudreau is emailing Mayor Basran and City Council today outlining petition results.

"12,984 were from right here in Kelowna and those signatures were from addresses all over the city including a few neighbourhoods that surprised me."

Boudreau hopes that council will listen to the people and reconsider the McCurdy Road project.

Councillors Loyal Wooldridge and Luke Stack have said it's not the zoning or the building itself at question, it's how the property will be managed.

BC Housing's plan is for McCurdy Road to be a harm reduction or wet facility where drug use would be allowed. The building to be managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Those who signed the petition say that puts the community at risk.