Robotti's grandson takes the stand in murder trial

Dylan Spence, Grace Robotti’s grandson and father of Roxanne Louie’s son, took the stand as a witness in his grandmother’s second-degree murder trial on Friday.

67-year-old Robotti is on trial for killing 26-year-old Louie in January 2015. Robotti hit Louie with a crowbar 26 times during an altercation between the two women. Louie and her son were staying at Robotti’s Penticton home for a visit from Vancouver.

27-year-old Spence testified that he and Louie had a rocky, on and off relationship for about 3 years, until he ended it in either 2012 or 2013 due to “violence, possession and control”. He said he didn't remember which year they broke off for good.

He outlined 3 phyiscal fights during their relationship, including one that prompted a neighbor to call police, however he says each fight was started by Louie.

“I wouldn’t believe that it was mutually toxic….Violence started one sided” he said.

Spence said one fight was started after Louie hit him with a broken bottle, while two other ones, he says, were started after she lunged at him.

Crown lawyer John Swanson pressed Spence, asking if there was ever a fight that he started, but Spence maintained Louie initiated the fights.

“Never did I start any sort of physical altercation” he said.

Charges were laid against both of them after police attended one fight, but they were later stayed.

The defence will be calling one more witness on Monday. The trial was expected to last until mid-April, however it appears it will wrap up next week.    


Roxanne Louie (Facebook)