Safety Hazards from Wildfires

The wildfire season has been one of the most challenging in British Columbia's history, and some areas of the province have sustained considerable damage.

The BC Wildfire Service has now issued a caution for hunters, recreationalists and anyone else heading into the backcountry, since there may be safety hazards. These hazards could include:

1. danger trees (fire-damaged trees that have become unstable and could fall over without warning)

2. ash pits, which may be hard to detect and can remain hot long after the flames have died down

3. unstable soils and terrain

4. increased potential for landslides or rock falls

5. damaged trails or irregular trail surfaces

6. increased water runoff, which could lead to flooding or debris flows

7. damaged fencing, which could allow livestock to enter roadways

In areas that have been severely burned, post-wildfire risks may last for two years or more. However, the increased risk of floods or debris flows in severely burned areas may persist much longer.