Scorecard Ranks Kelowna High Economically, Low Socially

If you were to say Kelowna is the greatest city in the world, apparently, you'd be wrong.

A new report comparing seventeen North American cities has Kelowna ranked 10th.

The scorecard measures social and economic factors like unemployment and housing affordability.

"Where we did particularly well was on the economic indicators. We were in the top third, finishing in sixth position." said Kelowna Business and Entrepreneurial Development Director, Robert Fine.

Like a school report card, the report assigns letter grades to each city for a variety of topics.

Kelowna got A's for its self-employment rate and income equality.

"On the social indicators we did not perform as well, finishing with a C grade and 14th overall."

Kelowna received D grades for average Disposable Income and Non-Visible Minorities. 

You can read the full report here.