SD23: Student's threat poses no risk to students

School District 23 officials say there's absolutely no risk to the safety of students at Mount Boucherie Secondary, after a student threatened to plan a violent attack for this upcoming Friday.

Superintendent Kevin Kardaal says that after the threat was made on February 22, a full investigation was launched, and has since concluded there's no risk of it happening.

"A particular student, who unfortunately made a comment that I think he quite regrets at the moment for other reasons, was, with their family, met with, supported, a thorough assessment was done, and there is no credible threat - none," he said.

"That was clearly communicated to the school community for a number of days during the week. Eventually it was felt, because the rumour kept growing, that we had to send a letter home - which we did. And that didn't seem to quell the rumours. It's unfortunate that rumours can take hold, and escalate and exaggerate the circumstances where a troubled young person makes a comment they shouldn't have made."

Kardaal says the school communicated this information to families and sent a letter home with students last week, but that the rumour mill has blown the incident out of proportion.

He says the investigation into the threat involved the student's family and the RCMP.

"A full threat assessment has been done, the RCMP have been involved, we've been involved with the family - there were no charges even filed. School is safe, we would not be trying to hide any of those things," he said.

"But if people choose not to believe that, or if students want to take advantage of it to have a day off, then I guess that's how rumours continue to grow. We understand how serious any of these threats are, and take them very, very seriously."

Kelowna RCMP confirmed their involvement in the investigation, immediately after the threat was made on February 22.

Corporal Jesse O'Donaghey says police are still checking in on the situation.

"Not only had the investigation been immediately launched, but we continue to perform an ongoing risk assessment, as we continue to work closely with the school, the school district, the student, and that student's family."