Sea lice at a grocery store on the Lower Mainland

An independent biologist made a disgusting discovery while at grocery store in North Vancouver last Friday.

Alexandra Morton often buys fresh farmed salmon to test for viruses.  Last week while looking through the stock, she found a fillet with a live sea louse.

"It does look unwholesome and is concerning but, it's an indicator of a huge problem this industry has not only in British Columbia. Everywhere that salmon are farmed, these sea lice just explode because the fish are going around in a circle and the lice reproduce way too rapidly."

Morton says the lice aren't harmful to humans, but can be deadly for salmon, especially juveniles, who get weighed down and eaten alive.

She has called for the fish farm industry to move from open nets to tanks to stop the spread of disease and parasites, but the industry has not made any changes.

Morton says salmon are too important to our ecosystem not to help every way we can.

"First of all they feed our Orca and will keep our Southern Resident Killer Whales from starving to death and going extinct. They are actually something we should work on to slow down climate change and climate collapse."

She says salmon are more than just a pretty fish.