Second Major Slide Questions Stability of Joffre Peak

A geologist who's an avid climber says he's concerned about public safety after two slides that took out chunks of Joffre Peak, north of Whistler.

Drew Brayshaw, who's also a hydrologist, has climbed extensively in the area, and calls Joffre Peak "one of the crown jewels of mountaineering in southwest B.C."

He said as soon as he saw the scar of yesterday's landslide, next to one from Monday morning, he realized there's the potential for further trouble.

“That strongly suggest that the next buttress over on the face of the mountain, to the left is probably, I would say, more likely than not to fall off as well. The question is just when."

According to the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, it is up to the provincial government to order a geotechnical assessment of the area.

The ministries of highways, environment and forests, as well as Emergency Management B.C have not commented.


[ Photo shows first slide May13/19, second slide occurred to the left. (JayMemay) ]