Section of Kinsmen Park remains closed

Over a year after the 2017 floods, a section of Kinsmen Park near Abbott Road remains closed due to flood damage from that year.

While repairs were initially scheduled for this past spring, they were delayed over fears of rising Lake levels during this year’s flood season.

That being said, Parks Services Manager Blair Stewart says it wouldn't have made much sense to have to do the work twice.

“It would have been cost-prohibitive to do the work and have to redo it again, so we opted to hold off on it,” says Stewart. “Some people who are using the park are probably not very happy that it’s not complete, but at the same time we didn’t want to waste anybody’s money.”

The recent heat wave also delayed repair plans, which are now tentatively scheduled for late August or early September, depending on what working conditions may look like.

This will involve putting down new lawns, removing dead trees, and trying to flatten out that area of the park.