Several Evacuation Alerts have been rescinded

The Evacuation Alert for the following properties has been rescinded:

-    From 3902 to 3994 Bluebird Road
-    From 3814 to 3848 Capozzi Road
-    From 3950 to 3970 Lakeshore Road
-    From 515 to 599 Radant Road
-    From 529 to 579 Truswell Road
-    From 3854 to 3882 Truswell road

One property, at 3896 Truswell Road, remains on Evacuation Alert.

These properties, near the mouth of Mission Creek, are still vulnerable due to the high level of Okanagan Lake and to wave action and property owners should maintain all protective barriers that have been put in place.

Environment and Climate Change Canada report Okanagan Lake is at 343.240 metres above sea level, an 8 millimetre decrease from the 343.248 metre level measured Sunday morning.

The level of Kalamalka Lake is at 392.409 metres, down from the 392.420 metre mark Sunday morning.

Lake levels may fluctuate up and down and ground water continue to increase for a period of time.

A small lake level drop may not indicate the peak has been reached.

Weather will continue to play a role with heavy rain causing lake levels to rise again.