Six storey apartment pitched for vacant lots on Clement

A new apartment building proposed to stretch across seven lots on Clement Avenue is headed to a public hearing.

At its meeting, council gave initial approval for the 58-unit project that would sit across from the new police services building.

Planner Emily Williamson says staff would also put a hard limit on the height.

"The apartment building's proposed at six storeys, so just about 19 metres in height. To be consistent with other applications in the neighbourhood, we'll be looking at a height-restricting covenant to six storeys, registered on title," she said.

The building would have one, two, and three bedroom units, along with some townhomes.

Williamson says it's in a prime location.

"The properties are well supported by nearby amenities - it's close to shops, cycling routes, downtown employment sectors, (and) it's also serviced by transit," she said.

"As well, the six storey built form is complementary to other neighbouring development proposals."

The public hearing will take place at an upcoming Tuesday night meeting.