Smoke detectors work

A working smoke detector is being credited in helping three people get out safely from a house fire on Sexsmith Road. 

Crews were called to the scene Monday at around 11:40 am when they received a report of smoke coming from the rear of the structure.

The blaze was quickly extinguished and was contained to the laundry room.

Platoon Captain Kelly Stephens says four cats inside the home also escaped injury.

"Whether it is animals or humans, it tugs on our heartstrings. Some people's animals are as close as their family members, so it is very important."     

Four people living in the residence will be cared for by Emergency Support Services.

"We are telling people to check their smoke detectors. Be fire safe. Make sure you are not running extension cords, heating pumps with the flooding coming up and things like that.  Just be careful out there," Stephens added. 

The cause of the fire is unknown.