Snow dump unlikely for highways

If you're travelling this weekend on the Connector and the Coquihalla - there's no longer a worry about encountering 30-centimetres of snow.

Environment Canada's Alyssa Charbonneau says there's the potential for some rain mixed with snow on the mountain highways - tonight into Saturday morning - but nothing major.

“Snow levels are going to come down around 1,800 metres or so, which is just above the Pennask summit level,” says Charbonneau. “So we could see some snow mixing down, but at this time it doesn’t look like any significant accumulations for the highway routes.”

She says Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday.

"We’re kind of staying with this cool, unsettled air mass right over us for the whole weekend, but not a lot of change,” says Charbonneau. “The temperature isn’t going to cool down significantly or warm up significantly on Sunday, but it looks like it’ll stay at the threshold where we should be seeing mostly rain on the highways.”

Saturday's high for Kelowna is a chilly 13 degrees, while the high for Sunday is 16 degrees - which is several degrees below the normal high of 20 for this time of year.