Some unsettled weather before it gets nice

The sun was shining on Thursday, but some more unsettled weather is on the way before it'll really start to feel like spring. 

Environment Canada Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says a low pressure system will begin pushing in on Friday.

"It's just going to cloud up during the day on Friday, and then we'll get some showers in the latter half of the day on Friday and overnight in to Saturday morning," says Lundquist. "It'll probably clear up by midday Saturday, so the worst of it is the last half of Friday and the first half of Saturday."   

Lundquist says we'll then enter a stretch of sunny weather from Sunday to Tuesday with temperatures slightly above normal. 

"Our average high is about 9 degrees, and that's about the coolest we're forecasting here for Friday as it clouds up and maybe Saturday," says Lundquist."I think we'll see temperatures reaching into the teens perhaps for early to mid next week, so generally pretty mild over the next while."

Lundquist doesn't think the system will cause too many headaches for drivers on the Coquihalla and the Connector highways - but warns the upper elevation highways could always see some snow at this time of year.