Soon to be former West Kelowna City Councillor loved his job

Duane Ophus has been a Councillor in West Kelowna for 11 years. He's been there since the city became a city. This year, he decided to step away from politics.

Ophus says he got involved in the first place to help West Kelowna make the transition to city status. And that's the highlight of his career. He says getting the new city up and running was an incredible challenge. West Kelowna had to start from scratch with staff, programs and facilities. He says a lot of really good things have happened.

As for the future of the city, Ophus is still  being politically correct when he says: "we live in one of the best places in the world and given reasonable leadership I think we'll continue to move forward". He is thankful for the support he had over the years and loved working with people who truly care about their community.

Congratulations on your career Duane.