Speed cameras are watching you

It isn't photo radar, but new speed cameras will be installed at Harvey and Cooper and Highway 97 and Banks Road to catch motorists speeding through those intersections.

Prominent warning signs will be posted telling motorists the cameras will be clocking their speed. 

If they are going too fast, a speeding ticket will be issued which will arrive in the mail.

The province says Harvey and Cooper and Highway 97 and Banks Road are two of 35 intersections across BC where extra safety measures are needed, which is why the speed cameras will be used. 

"We have a record number of crashes happening - more than 900 a day in our province - and about 60 per cent of the crashes on our roads are at intersections," said Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth.

While the government will reveal the locations of the traffic cameras, they won't disclose the speed threshold that will determine if you get a ticket or not.