Spring-like weather expected by this weekend

The end of what feels like a longer than usual winter might be on the horizon.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau says after some snow on Wednesday and Thursday, rain and warmer temperatures are expected for several days.

“Friday and moving into the weekend we actually are warming back up, so we do not have any more snow in the forecast after that,” she says “and actually temperatures are looking to climb highs of around plus 10 degrees, and by Sunday and Monday overnight lows in the 4 or 5 range”

While one can hope this means there will be no more snow this season Charbonneau says there is still a chance, although the risk is diminished.

“It does look like this warming trend is going to stick around at least through next week,” she says “After that it’s a little harder to say. By the time we’re at the end of March it’s much rarer to get snow, though not impossible so I wouldn’t count it out just yet”

Charbonneau says the warmer temperatures expected this weekend are above normal for this time of year.

The spring-like weather is in time for this weekend’s daylight savings, when we “spring forward”.