Spring weather no worry for fruit growers

Despite what's being perceived as a cold and wet spring, Okanagan fruit growers are actually happy with this year's weather.

Glen Lucas, General Manager of the BC Fruit Growers Association, says it's making for a normal growing season.

“Everyone’s saying it’s a late season- it’s actually about normal, average,” he says “what we’d expect prior to the last two years which were so incredibly early.”

Lucas says an early season increases the risk of overnight frost, so growers are feeling more comfortable this year without that worry.

“The spring weathers been good. Right now it’s ideal for blossom, it will just set up for a large crop, you know, large fruit and good pollination, and that’s something growers look forward to” Lucas says.

He says some fruits are just starting to blossom, with cherries and apricots expected to hit fruit stands next month.