Staff seek approval Capri-Landmark

City Council will be asked to update the Official Community Plan on Monday and make bylaw changes in support of redevelopment of the Capri-Landmark area.

The City spent a year and a half in consultation with businesses and residents in the area to establish long term objectives.  Some of those include:

-More park space

-Extending Sutherland Avenue from Burtch to Spall

-Maintaining affordable housing

-Redevelopment of Capri Centre Mall

-Creation of new sidewalks and cycling routes

-High density residential and commercial development. The plan is expected to provide enough additional housing to accommodate 6 or 7 thousand more residents over the next 2 decades.

The projected total cost to develop the Capri-Landmark area over the next 20 plus years is $96 million.  Taxpayers would foot about 34% percent of the total cost, or, roughly $1.6 million, per year, for the next 2 decades.