Still No License for Starbuds in Lake Country

Still no licence for the Starbuds pot shop in Lake Country.

The retail outlet has been approved by Lake Country council, but bureaucracy at the provincial level has prevented the shop from opening.

Starbuds President Dave Martyn says they're getting closer in a process that is painfully slow and methodical.

Martyn says, "They trace your funding, there's a component involving the Anti-Gang Task Force to make sure you're not associated with the Hell's Angels for example, and then just various other steps. Reviewing lease documents, to make sure you aren’t paying back into organized crime.”

The Starbuds location in Dawson Creek has been issued their license and expects to be open within two weeks, pending product delivery.

The store in Lake Country is ready to go but Martyn and Starbuds remain on hold for their licence. Once additional paperwork is filled out and a physical inspection is complete, Starbuds should be open for business.

The company is also seeking approval to open a pot shop in Kelowna. Martyn says there's still a long way to go with City council approval before it goes to the BC government for licencing.