Stoochnoff sentenced for breaking and entering

A Kelowna man who pleaded guilty to charges of breaking and entering, as well as escaping police custody, was sentenced to 90 days of time served and 12 months probation on Monday afternoon.

52-year-old Donald Stoochnoff was caught breaking into a home on Rutland Road last September, only to escape from the RCMP officer attempting to arrest him. Despite this, he was successfully arrested the next day after that same officer spotted and recognized him.

While on bail, Stoochnoff was involved in another incident just outside Chilliwack this past January. An RCMP officer noticed him driving erratically and attempted to pull him over, only for Stoochnoff to flee, at one point leaving his vehicle on the side of the road and running into the woods.

Thanks to the collective efforts of RCMP, a police helicopter, and a police dog named Griff, Stoochnoff was tracked down and arrested.

He will continue to make appearances in court in Chilliwack, and has been denied bail on charges of fleeing from police and resisting arrest.

Stoochnoff will also be back in court in Kelowna on Friday, April 20th to go on trial for driving while suspended.

Stoochnoff has a lengthy criminal record going back to 2006, with past charges including theft, drug trafficking, and driving while suspended.