Street sweepers hit the roads

The City of Kelowna is replacing snow plows with street sweepers.

Roadways Supervisor Stephen Bryans says 3 street sweepers and 3 sidewalk sweepers have begun to clear the roads and sidewalks this week, with 4 more street sweepers coming in next week.

Instead of going by routes, the sweepers are targeting priority streets first this year, in part to get bike paths cleared quicker.

Bryans says there's more work to be done this year because of the late snowfall season.

“It’s just heavier,” he says “When the temperature is below minus 6 we use more sand and that’s typically what it was throughout the winter, a little bit colder, so there’s that much more sand used this year”

Signs will be placed in areas 24 hours before its scheduled to be swept. Residents are asked to move vehicles off the road as well as any other items that could impede street sweepers. 

Sweepers will be out on the roads for about 6- 8 weeks.

The City of West Kelowna already announced the arrival of its street sweepers last week.