Strike at Gateway Casinos has ended

UPDATE - 1:30 PM: 

BC Government and Employees Union President Stephanie Smith says the nearly 700 Gateway Casinos workers in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and Kamloops will go back to work this weekend..

She also revealed more details on the new four-year contracts.

"Our members wanted to see living wages, and we were in fact able to achieve substantial wage gains," says Smith. "We have improvements to benefits, and we've got stronger union rights, so it's a good agreement, but a lot of our members throught that it wasn't quite enough." 

When the workers voted on the contract this week, 259 voted in favour, while 252 voted against it.

"I think that the vote speaks to expectations of what members felt that they deserved, and what they were looking for," says Smith. "Collective action can make a difference, so we're going to try to channel that energy to continue to fight for what they feel they deserve."

The new contracts brought an average wage increase of 23.5 percent.


Unionized workers at Gateway Casinos have ratified a new contract - but it's not yet known when they'll be back to work. 

The nearly 700 workers, represented by the BC Government Employees Union, have voted to accept the new deal - no details were released. 

Employees at four casinos, including Playtime Casino in Kelowna, went on strike on June 30th to back demands for higher wages. 

The workers had been without a contract since September 2017.