Summerland Boil Water Notice

A Boil Water Notice has been issued for the District of Summerland.

Areas of Summerland may have experienced little or no water pressure this morning after unexpected issues at the Water Treatment Plant caused the plant to shutdown early this morning, resulting in no water being supplied to the distribution system. The supplemental line, which supplies chlorinated untreated water, had to be opened to recharge the water system. The introduction of untreated water into the system, even though it is chlorinated, requires the District to issue a Boil Water Notice.

Issues at the Water Treatment Plant have now been resolved and fully treated water is being blended with the untreated chlorinated water to recharge the water system. Once the system has been recharged, the supplemental line will be closed. However, the Boil Water Notice must remain in effect until sufficient flushing and testing of the system can occur to ensure the untreated water has been removed from the system.

District of Summerland water users should bring water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to tooth brushing, food preparation and consumption.  Or use an alternate safe source of water. 

Check HERE for updates.