Supervised Injection RV faces Mechanical Problems

Kelowna's Safe Injection RV will be going in for repair sometime this week.

They're just waiting on parts from the US.

According to Danielle Cameron, Interior Health Service Administrator for Mental Health and Substance Use, clients currently can’t access the consumption space because of mechanical problems.

“The RV is too unstable, which impacts the experience for our clients. As well, it prevent us from using the slide out that expands the inside space and allows it to be safe and appropriate for the service providers," said Cameron.

Until the RV goes in for repair, they have set up an alternative space in the Overdose Prevention Site so that it can continue to operate as normal.

“We’ll continue to offer the service as it looks right now and we will be supporting it with a different vehicle. We haven't determined yet what the other vehicle will be but we’ve worked through our internal process with regards to the safety of our staff, as well as the ability to have the equipment that we need available."

Both sites will remain active with all supplies and staff available for clients.