Taco Time in Dilworth staying put

Taco Time

About a month ago, Kelowna City Council approved a Starbucks for the Dilworth Shopping Centre, converting the existing Taco Time.

Restaurant owner Ray Heathcote was not happy nor were his loyal customers. He's been there for about 40 years.

Today, the story changed considerably, "We've had our franchise lawyers looking into it. It's a pretty black and white lease. We've got two years left with another five after that. So, for seven years we're not going anywhere."

In an exclusive interview, Heathcote said he's confident that he cannot be forced out of business, "I'm pretty confident with our position here. It's a pretty tight knit lease and we're feeling absolutely at ease with what's going on. It's just all the attention has created nervousness with the employees and that's been the biggest challenge."

Heathcote adds that every minute of the day right now, he's having to assure someone, either an employee or a loyal customer, that Taco Time is not going anywhere.