Take the Kelowna sign survey

Kelowna city council has instructed staff to replace the old sign bylaw - and right now - they're in the middle of gathering public input. 

City Planner Ryan Roycroft says the old 1998 bylaw needs updating with something new that's easier to understand and administer - and take into account emerging technologies like electronic signs.

"And also a lot of the stuff that's come along, with some of the channel letter signs; thinking of the sign outside of BNA, or some signs mounted above canopies that weren't really popular before. The bylaw is kind of blank on those so we're looking to allow more of that creative stuff," he says.   

Roycroft says they'll also set new guidelines for sidewalk sandwich boards and temporary signage. Also stand-alone signs - like those on gas stations and fast food restaurants. 

You can give your opinion, until November 13th, on the city's website at www.getinvolved.kelowna.ca and share photos of your favourite signs.  

Roycroft says they hope to have a report to council ready in the new year.