Talks break off again in casino labour dispute

Talks have once again broken off between the BC Government and Service Employees' Union and Gateway Casinos representatives, more than two months into an ongoing labour dispute.

Since late June, nearly 700 employees of Gateway Casinos locations in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, and Kamloops have been on strike for higher wages that match the industry standard.

So far, there have been five attempts at mediation between the two sides, but the BCGEU says they have yet to hear an offer that they're happy with.

No further talks are scheduled at this time, but the Union is expected to make a statement sometime later this week.

The striking casino workers were recently hit with an injunction, prohibiting them from demonstrating on public property. In the meantime, the Okanagan locations of Gateway Casinos, including Playtime Casino in Kelowna, continue to operate with limited staff and services.