Tax Revenue Goes Towards RCMP, Lower Taxes

After an unprecedented surge in growth for West Kelowna (nearly double the projected 1.6 percent), City Council found that they had an extra $440,000 in tax revenue. 

After discussing possible options for this extra revenue on Tuesday night, council made up their mind as to how it should be put to use.

To start, some of the money will go towards Kelowna for the City's contribution towards prisoner cells in West Kelowna.

Additionally, West Kelowna City Council is putting in a request for two additional RCMP officers, both of which would be primarily working in the traffic sector. Two police vehicles will also be upgraded into command centres with improved communication technology.

Over half of the leftover $440,000 will go towards reducing the tax increase in West Kelowna to 2.18 percent, as well as reserves for use at a later date.