Teachers federation president looking forward to implementing new deal

The President of the Central Okanagan Teachers Federation is thrilled a deal with the province over class size and composition has been ratified by B.C. Teachers.

Susan Bauhart says the restoration of language stripped from teachers contracts in 2002 will result in a change parents will notice.

“It’s going to mean smaller classes for students in the public education system, it’s gonna mean more special support for students, of course that means more teachers will need to be hired,” she says “It’s going to put funds that have been pulled from the education system over the past 15 years back into the system”

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of the BC Teachers Federation late last year, ending a 15 year battle with the province over the stripped language and prompting negotiations for a new deal.

98.4 per cent of B.C. teachers voted in favour of the agreement on Friday.

Bauhart says although it’s a shame it took so long for the battle to end, they need to look ahead.

“While we absolutely can lament, you know, about what’s happened it the past, I don’t think there’s much time right now. We need to concentrate on getting this in place for our students in September”  

She predicts it will be a hectic couple of months getting things ready. One challenge that lies ahead is finding classroom space in schools that are already overcapacity.   

Details of the deal have not been released.