Teenager arrested in car theft

A 17-year-old suspected of stealing a car in Rutland had his first court date scheduled for earlier on Thursday.

Wednesday morning, police were called to a home on Ponto Road in Rutland, after a man had left his car running while he picked up something inside.

When he came back out, the Ford Crown Vic was being driven away down the street.

Police tried to stop the driver when he was found a few minutes later, but had to call off a potential chase when he erratically sped off.

Fortunately, a plain clothes officer in an unmarked car noticed the car driving up Highway 97, and followed the driver to a residential area north of Duck Lake, where he ditched the car.

Officers from both Kelowna and Lake Country set up a perimeter, with help from a helicopter and the police dog unit.

The suspect was then found hiding in a plastic storage bin nearby.

Police arrested the teenager, where they learned he was also wanted on un-related arrest warrants.