Teenagers behind weapons complaint


Four teenage boys were detained for a short period of time, while the RCMP investigated a weapons complaint Monday evening in Kelowna.

Just ater 8 p.m, Kelowna RCMP received a call from a concerned member of the general public, who reported observing a male youth in possession of what appeared to be a handgun, while walking in a group of teens along the 300-block of Yates Road. The complaint elicited a full precautionary police response, resulting in multiple front line officers responding to the residential area, where they located the group of youths on foot near Dallas Road and Ballou Road.

All four individuals fully cooperated and followed all the commands provided by police officers at the scene. They were detained without incident and turned over what police confirmed to be 2 replica revolver cap guns.

“RCMP take firearms complaints seriously, due to the potential threat to public and police safety. It can be a pellet gun or a replica firearm, but our police officers will treat them as real until they can prove they are not," states Cpl. Jesse O'Donaghey of the Kelowna RCMP. "Even under ideal conditions, it can be challenging for police to determine if a gun is real or fake."

Officers had a discussion with the youths regarding the rules when it comes to playing with imitation guns, and contacted each of their parental guardians. The youths were released unconditionally without charge.

Kelowna RCMP offer the following tips:

  •          never play with an imitation gun in public places, such as malls, parks and schools;
  •          do not point an imitation gun at another person, even as a joke;
  •          use imitation air guns only at designated play areas, gun ranges, or on private land outside the city;
  •          set rules for children playing with imitation guns so they understand the dangers of misusing them;
  •          keep imitation guns out of sight, and secured in a locked case to prevent accidents or theft.