The Caesar turns 50!

If there’s one thing Canadians love, it’s caesars and this year marks the 50th birthday of our nation’s favorite drink. Traditionally the cocktail is made with vodka, clamato, tobasco and worcestershire but can be made in a variety of ways, with different garnishes and spirits.

Simon Hancock gathered 50 stories from across the country to create a commemorative book to showcase just how much of an icon the drink really is. The book is called, The Caesar: 50 Years, 50 Stories: Celebrating a Half-Century of Canada’s National Cocktail.

Over the years, restaurants have started adding different toppings that turn the drink into a small appetizer. Some even go as far as to add a small burger or a slice of pizza.

“Secret ingredients from pickled brine to Indian spices. Caesars are that nice representation of Canada itself that is as diverse as Canadians are. You can always bring different flavours, different cultures and different tastes into them,” said Hancock.

From Sunday morning rituals to recipes handed down in the family, Hancock says each story shares a personal connection.