The Future of Work

UBCO hosts a symposium tomorrow. It'll be presented in two parts and is called the Future of Work.

What: Humans, machines and the future of work

Who: Experts i npublic policy, higher education and international busienss

When: Friday November 2 from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Where: UBC Okanagan's University Centre Ballroom and The Innovation Centre

Technological progress is significantly changing the world of work. Traditional jobs, industries and business models are being disrupted. Automation and artificial intelligence will impact on where we work and how we work. The challenge is to discover how today's workers will fit into the future. 

Taylor Owen is one of the experts. He is a Professor of Digital Media and Global Studies at UBC Vancouver. He contends that our society is undergoing a revolutionary change. 

He says, "Our entire economy is moving from an industrial model of labour and corporations to something that is driven by automation and the digital economy." 

Owen sees today's workers being forced into new and precarious roles, "Many workers in the new world are not protected by a union, may not have access to benefits and no guaranteed access to hours of work." 

It's an unsettling work environment he says, where the value goes to shareholders in companies with small workforces and not to workers.