The next few days: wet and gloomy with sunny breaks

Environment Canada says in the next few days we're heading into a pattern of wet weather interspersed with sunny breaks.

Meteorologist Doug Lundquist says overall, October has been a rainy month..

"So far this month, up to the 25th we've measured 47 millimetres at UBCO. We usually only get around 19, so we're already over double. It should be noted March and October are the two driest months in the Okanagan depending on the location, so it's kind of odd," he says.  

Lundquist says because this year's La Nina event will take several more months to establish, the wetter than normal October appears to be just random.

He says the skies are expected to brighten on Friday and Saturday, and again early next week. 

Lundquist also says if you're driving the highways Thursday evening, up to 5 centimetres of wet snow is forecast for the Connector, and is falling already.